Step-by-Step Guide to Modifying Your Profile Picture on

  1. Log in to the Website:
    • Open your browser and go to
    • Enter your username and password in the login form and click “Login.”
  2. Navigate to the “Membership Account” Page:
    • Once successfully logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the “Membership Account” page.
    • This page provides a detailed overview of your membership.
  3. Find and Click “Edit Profile”:
    • Scroll down the page until you find the “Edit Profile” link.
    • Click on the link to access the profile editing page.
  4. Edit Your Profile Picture:
    • On the profile editing page, find the profile picture section.
    • You will find a button or link labeled “Choose File”; click on it.
    • Select a Square Image:
      • From the dialog that opens, choose an image from your storage.
      • It is recommended to select a square image for optimal display.
  5. Save Settings:
    • After selecting the desired image, look for the “Update Avatar” button.
    • Click the button to confirm and save the new profile picture settings.
  6. Verify Changes:
    • Ensure you see confirmation of the applied changes.
    • You can also visit your profile page to verify that the profile picture has been updated successfully.